Transcription Rates

Guide to Transcription Rates

  • Virtual Transcriber (VT) takes pride in producing transcription of a high standard ensuring that a transcription is recorded as accurately as possible.
  • Virtual Transcriber transcription rates for a non-legal one on one interview recording is R10.00 for each minute of audio file not longer than 45 minutes. Any audio longer than 45 minutes will be charged at R12.00 for every additional minute over and above 45 minutes.
  • Bulk audio files exceeding 5 hours will receive a discounted rate, provided the quality is good.
  • An audio of a legal one on one consultation (with time stamp on every page) will be charged at R13.00 and increased to R16.00 for three persons for the first 45 minutes audio length. Any audio longer than 45 minutes will be charged at R18.00 for every additional minute over and above the first 45 minutes.
  • Typing of all recordings of more than 3 people takes longer and depends on the number of participants, quality of recording, how well the group is facilitated, and whether the speakers are to be individually identified. Such transcriptions are best quoted on a per project basis (i.e. research/court proceedings). A once off group recording (meetings/conference/disciplinary hearing) will generally be charged at a rate of R250.00 per hour of typing the transcription.

Virtual Transcriber delivers a personal service to individual professionals and students and takes care in delivering transcripts of quality. This means, more often than not, rewinding and adjustment to software to ensure accuracy of what is said.

Submit a Request for Quote to receive an all inclusive quote and time-frame for your specific project.

PLEASE NOTE: Transcription typing requires specialized skills which include the ability to discern various accents and pronunciation of words by speakers, comprehension of the particular subject terminology used in a recording, high standard of grammar and accurate spelling. Due to varying qualities of audio and video recordings and people participating, the industry guideline is that a 1 hour recording may take 4 to 8 hours of transcribing into a substantive document.

If you have not yet recorded your audio we suggest you read our recording tips in the FAQs to ensure the best and cheapest transcription. It is to your benefit to ensure a good audio recording.

*VT reserves the right to increase the hourly rate if the audio or video file quality is poor. This will, however, not be done without consulting with the client and reaching a mutual agreement.

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